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Hi! I'm Ron - I help estate representatives & heirs sell inherited houses in Metro Detroit quickly for cash. Call me directly at (248) 871-7736.

I help you value the inherited real estate and guide you through your options, so that you can make an informed decision. I offer as-is cash sales, top dollar listings, estate sales, and coordinating of trash removal, cleaning, painting & repairs.

How My Process Works - Inherited Houses

STEP 1: Free Property Evaluation

After you contact me, we will schedule a site visit for me to come out and assess the condition of the inherited home. I provide you with my expert opinion of the "as-is" value and an "improved" value of the home along with my recommendations on how to achieve the higher "improved" value. At this point, we will discuss all your sale options to figure out what best meets your goals of selling the inherited property.

STEP 2: Get Cash Offers In As Little As 48 Hours

With all my new clients, I immediately prepare and send out a marketing package of the home to my exclusive list of 400+ local cash buyers. In as little as 48 hours later, I will have cash offers for the home for us to review together. If one of the offers is acceptable to you, I will guide you through the process of selling property and closing out probate. The transaction will close at a reputable, local title company. The best part is you pay me nothing; the buyer pays my fee!  I have sold countless homes in "as-is" condition in 7 days or less this way.

If The Cash Offers Aren't High Enough - We Go To Step 3


STEP 3: List Or Auction The Inherited Home For Top Dollar

Sometimes we won't get a cash offer that is high enough to satisfy your goals. If that happens, I will guide you through the process of preparing the house to perform it's best in the marketplace. If needed, I have crews that can remove trash, clean, paint, replace flooring, cut the lawn, run an estate sale, and more. Once the sale preparations are complete, I will drive tons of interested buyers to the home with a Premier Listing or Auction Listing. I charge a standard 6% commission for my Premier Listings and a $1500 flat fee for Auction Listings. I sell most homes in 30 days or less.

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Selling an Inherited House As-Is

An excerpt from my book "Selling a House in a Michigan Estate"

     Selling an inherited home in “as-is” condition is a popular choice. With all the other responsibilities that you have, it can be hard to imagine fixing up a property which would lengthen out the process even more. Not everyone is able to sacrifice their nights and weekends to painting, cleaning, and repairs. Of course, you could hire someone to take care of the cleaning and renovating, but managing contractors can be costly and sometimes more stressful than doing the work yourself.

Selling an inherited house in “as-is” condition dumps all the responsibility of repairs, updates, city certifications, permits, and liability on the buyers. It’s a no-nonsense approach to selling that broadcasts the message “take it or leave it” to buyers. The marketing material and purchase agreement in this case should stipulate the “as-is” nature of the sale and release the seller of all liability.

     If you are considering selling the inherited home “as-is”, then you should also check with the city that the property is located in to see if there are any certificate of occupancy inspections or vacant property inspections. In some cities, if a property has been empty for a long period of time a city ordinance inspector may “tag” it. This means the city inspector slaps a very bright, annoying sticker on the front of the house stating you now are required to have the home inspected and brought up to current city ordinances before it can be occupied again.

     If the city does require inspections, fees, or repairs you can often acquire a hold harmless form from the city that will assign the liability of the completion those items to the buyer. If this applies to your situation, be sure you have the buyer fill out that form. In some cities, it is a misdemeanor to sell a “tagged” property “as-is” without having the buyer sign a hold harmless form.

    The major downside to selling an inherited home “as-is” is that you are likely to get lower offers on the house. Most buyers expect some sort of discount on a property that needs work; the more work it needs, the bigger the discount they will expect. An inherited property in great disrepair may only attract investors who are in the business of buying and renovating distressed properties. However, selling a property that is in relatively good shape “as-is” may not affect the sale price at all; you may just want to pass along the city inspections and a couple minor repairs to the buyer.

For more essential advice on selling an inherited house, download my book for free. Learn how to prevent theft, determine the value of the home, what you should and shouldn't fix before selling, and much more.

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I have been involved in 3000+ real estate transactions since the year 2000, with many of those being properties that my clients inherited. I have extensive experience understanding the needs of estate representatives and pride myself on making all transactions a win-win result.

Service Area:  Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Livingston, Genessee and Washtenaw Counties

Service Area:

Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Livingston, Genessee and Washtenaw Counties