How To Sell a House in a Michigan Estate.

This essential 61 page guide can be read in just one evening. When you are done you will have learned:

  • How to prevent theft while the house is vacant
  • Explanations of all the paperwork involved in a standard transaction
  • The pros and cons of Listing with a Realtor, Selling to an investor, and For Sale by Owner
  • How to find out what the home is worth
  • What you should and shouldn't fix on a house before you sell
  • How to sell if you are out of state
  • AND much more

Take the time to educate yourself and avoid the common mistakes that cost others lots of time, money, stress, and aggravation. Filled with simple explanations, actionable advice, and quick tips, this easy-to-read guide brings clarity to the process for those selling a house in a Michigan estate. 

The paperback version sells on for $5.95, but you can get the e-book version here for FREE by requesting a copy.


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