Run an Estate Sale AND Sell the House

Hi! I'm Ron - I help estate representatives & heirs through the ENTIRE process of liquidating an estate's personal property and real estate.

I provide a full array of services for my estate clients including:
● Coordinating estate sales for personal property.
● As-is cash sales & top dollar listings for real estate
● Coordinating of cleaning, painting & repairs if needed.

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How My Process Works

STEP 1: Free Estate Sale & Property Evaluation

After you contact me, we will schedule a site visit for me to come out and assess the contents and condition of the home. I will provide you with my expert opinion of the value of the real estate and discuss your plans for running an estate sale. I have several trusted estate sale partners that I work with on a regular basis. We will discuss all your sale options to figure out what best meets your goals.

STEP 2: Sell the House for Cash. Then Hold the Estate Sale.

With all my new clients, I immediately prepare and send out a marketing package of the home to my exclusive list of 400+ local cash buyers. In as little as 48 hours later, I will have cash offers for the home for us to review together. If one of the offers is acceptable to you, I will help you coordinate the estate sale of the personal property to happen before the real estate sale closes. Once the estate sale is completed, we will complete the real estate transaction at a reputable, local title company. The best part is you pay me nothing; the buyer pays my fee!  I have sold countless homes in "as-is" condition in 7 days or less this way.

If The Cash Offers Aren't High Enough - We Go To Step 3


STEP 3: Complete the Estate Sale. Then List the House.

Sometimes we won't get a cash offer on the house that is high enough to satisfy your goals. If that happens, we will conduct the estate sale first and then prep the home for sale on the open market. If needed after the estate sale,  I have crews that can remove trash, clean, paint, replace flooring, cut the lawn, and more. Once the house is ready for market, I will drive tons of interested buyers to the home with a Premier Listing or Auction Listing. I charge a standard 6% commission for my Premier Listings and a $1500 flat fee for Auction Listings. I sell most homes in 30 days or less.

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Estate Sale Tips & Info

      Every auction and estate sale company recommends that you do not throw away anything before having a sale. Yes, that means the half full bottle of Windex in the closet, the ugly area rug in the living room, and the creepy painting in the hallway. People will PAY YOU to take these items instead of you hauling them somewhere or pitching them into a dumpster. It never ceases to amaze me what wild and weird things people will buy at an estate sale. If you want the stuff gone, then price it to sell. If someone doesn’t give you cash now, you might be walking it to the curb a week later (and no one will pay you to do that).

     Holding an estate sale is a very time and energy intensive event because of all the planning and preparation that must happen before the sale. If you don’t have the time or interest to dedicate to a sale, you could hire a company to run a sale or auction for you. Typically an estate sale or auction company will get paid a percentage of the sales. They will quote you this percentage up front, and it will depend on the amount and type of items you will be putting up for sale. Expect to pay 30% – 50% of the proceeds of the sale.

     There are many so many estate sale companies out there, that it can be tough to decide which one to go with. While I don't actually run the sales myself, I have partnered with several reputable, local estate sale companies. I have vetted these companies out and have done business with them, so I know that they will take good care of you and your loved one's belongings. I don't earn anything for helping to coordinate these estate sales - My sole goal is to offer complete A - Z services for my clients, so that they have a seamless experience. This way you get an expert handling the real estate and an expert handling the personal property.

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Experience You Can Trust


I have been involved in 3000+ real estate transactions since the year 2000, including the liquidation of dozens of estates. I have extensive experience understanding the needs of estate representatives and pride myself on making all transactions a win-win result.

Service Area:  Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Livingston, Genessee and Washtenaw Counties

Service Area:

Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Livingston, Genessee and Washtenaw Counties